Frank van de Geijn

Consultant Postharvest Technology, specialisation in Postharvest Management of Fresh Products and Cold Room Design


Frank's expertise

With more than 30 years of experience in the field or postharvest technology, Frank is nationally and internationally known for his applicable knowledge of storage technology for perishable products. Mixing optimized storage technology to realise better quality even at longer storage period. A wide range of clients in the postharvest industry are serviced with long-term consultancy programs. Designing storage facilities with relevant, environmental and economical optimizes technology will be followed with consultancy in the operational phase of the facility. “The product is my client”.

Some of the main impact project with a role of Frank are:

  • Facility design – Design of more than 300 facilities (50 ton up to 15.000 ton)
  • KwaliCon – Multi project focusing on year-round storage of Conference
  • DCS Dynamic Controlled Storage – responsible of implementing DCS in practice with involvement in follow-up in system design