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ATP testing for transport equipment

Cold-chain operators are increasingly striving to improve the sustainability of their transportation systems. Key challenges include reducing energy use and improving climate conditions during transportation. Wageningen’s researchers have the expertise and a unique conditioned test facility in which they can optimise every type of conditioned transport of food or medicine. A variety of services are available for ATP tests.

ATP testing

Wageningen Food & Biobased Research' Testing Services lab operates as one of the few ATP testing facilities in the EU and is fully ISO17025 accredited to perform ATP measurements (EN ISO/IEC 17025; registration number L679 on the RvA website).

ATP-tests that we offer:

  • K-value test: determines the insulation value of transport equipment (single and multi-compartment tests).
  • Effective refrigeration capacity test: determines the maximum capacity of the refrigeration unit in a single compartment application.
  • Multi-compartment refrigeration capacity test: determines the maximum capacity of the refrigeration unit in a multi compartment application.
  • Verification of effectiveness of equipment in service (pull down test): measures how fast the temperature of the cargo hold decreases.

Once you’ve received a test report, you can apply for an ATP certificate from any qualified institution in the EU.

Insulation of small vans, e.g. for last mile transport, can be tested as well. Photo by WUR

Supplementary research for transport equipment

Supplementary research can be done to identify ways of improving the transport climate conditions or of reducing fuel consumption.

Wageningen Food & Biobased Research (WFBR) offers a wide range of supplementary research for climate controlled transport. You can think of optimisation and evaluation tests for different products (food, medicine, flowers), type of transport (airplane, ship, train, truck) and distance (international transport up to last mile delivery in cities).

Our team of experts can help you improve aspects like temperature homogeneity, energy consumption, CA-control (pull down), humidity control or effective defrosting. These tests are performed in our well-equipped test chambers and/or by monitoring of shipments in practice.