Yannick Weesepoel

Project manager Agro Food Robotics, Scientist applied vibrational spectroscopy


Yannick's expertise

Yannick has a PhD in Food Chemistry on mass spectrometry and plant phytonutrients (2014). He has joined Wageningen Research in 2014 as a scientist at Wageningen Food Safety Research and has worked for 8 years in the area of food fraud and food composition for the Dutch government, EU and public-private projects, mainly focusing on applied vibrational spectroscopy (NIR, FTIR, RAMAN, Imaging spectroscopy).

He joined WFBR in 2022 as project manager (IPMA-D certified) specialising in managing research projects in the area of Agro Food Robotics, Post Harvest Technology, and quality of agro-food products.

Key Publications

- Müller-Maatsch, J., Bertani, F. R., Mencattini, A., Gerardino, A., Martinelli, E., Weesepoel, Y., & van Ruth, S. (2021). The spectral treasure house of miniaturized instruments for food safety, quality and authenticity applications: A perspective. Trends in Food Science and Technology, 110, 841-848.

- Weesepoel, Y. J. A., Alewijn, M., Daniels, F. M. J., Baart, A. M., Müller-Maatsch, J. T. L., Simsek-Senel, G., Rijgersberg, H., Top, J. L., & Feskens, E. J. M. (2021). Towards the universal assessment of dietary intake using spectral imaging solutions. In J. Beyerer, & T. Längle (Eds.), OCM 2021 - Optical Characterization of Materials: Conference Proceedings (pp. 31-43). KIT Publishers.

- Kranenburg, R. F., Weesepoel, Y., Alewijn, M., Sap, S., Arisz, P. W. F., van Esch, A., Keizers, P. H. J., & van Asten, A. C. (2022). The importance of wavelength selection in on-scene identification of drugs of abuse with portable near-infrared spectroscopy. Forensic Chemistry, 30, [100437].

- Weesepoel, Y., Alewijn, M., Wijtten, M., & Müller-maatsch, J. (2021). Detecting Food Fraud in Extra Virgin Olive Oil Using a Prototype Portable Hyphenated Photonics Sensor. Journal of AOAC International, 104(1), 7-15.