Jan Verschoor

Scientist / Consultant Postharvest Physiology & Technology


Jan's expertise

Jan has over 25 year experience in postharvest research and its practical implementation on a broad range of fresh products and postharvest technologies, such as:

  • Optimisation of storage conditioning, systems and protocols
  • Disorder prevention
  • Postharvest technology development and evaluation
  • Non-chemical postharvest pest control CATT
  • International Postharvest Consultancy
    Postharvest training: at Wageningen University (for students), Wageningen Academy (for Governmental-, NGO- and company staff) and dedicated in-company trainings and workshops
  • Postharvest applications in developing economies (e.g. Postharvest Assessment Methodology, https://doi.org/10.18174/582556)