Esther Hogeveen

Researcher Postharvest Technology, specialisation in Light Treatment


Esther's expertise

Esther started her career with a Master’s degree in Plant Biology and as a horticultural specialist in the application of supplementary lighting (LEDs). In 2015 she made a step further in the fresh chain, by joining WUR’s postharvest team as project lead and researcher in multistakeholder and consultancy projects. She has experience in a wide range of postharvest topics which combine understanding of product physiology as well as the technology and the link towards practice and feasibility. Crops she works with vary from pears to avocado, from mushroom to roses and orchids! Working together towards more sustainable fresh chains is one of her key drivers.

Some examples of projects she is/was leading or involved in:

  • Wrap or Waste - Developing tools to provide more quantitative justification of sustainable packaging choices.
  • Frozen like Fresh - improving quality and sustainability of processing of potato fries and vegetables.