Edo Wissink

Researcher Postharvest Technology, with specialisation in Refrigeration


Edo's expertise

Edo has always been active in the large world of refrigeration. First as R&D engineer to design large industrial refrigeration compressors. Next, as development engineer of complete refrigeration systems for a wide field of applications (industrial applications, building environment up to consumer fridges).

Now he works already since 2015 at WFBR, where he is mainly involved in the applications of refrigeration.

Working together with a wide range of customers in the food/flower/medicine market, he contributes to making refrigeration more (cost) effective and environment friendly.

Practice shows that a bit more attention and understanding of your current precool, storage and/or temperature controlled transport, makes a large difference for product quality and operational cost/investment.

Currently Edo is also closely involved in the quickly growing need of online supermarkets to find more cost efficient solution(s) for the temperature controlled last mile distribution of fresh and frozen. Customized solutions are needed, because of the unique logistics of each supermarket.